Settimio Soprani
This Settimio Soprani piano accordion looks as though it’s just stepped out of a time capsule.
It’s a small 48 bass unit and it’s as cute as a button. It’s very rare for us to acquire an older instrument that doesn’t have to be serviced in our workshop. The treble side features a conventional three reed setup, with two middle and one low. The shoulder straps show a little wear, but should give a new owner another five or six years of trouble free service before needing replacement.

If there is a downside to this machine, it’s that, with only 48 bass buttons, it lacks the 7th chord row. This will not be a deal breaker for many, but will be for some. One of the most important things on older accordions is the condition of the bellows. These are the lungs of the instrument and as with humans, very important AND, nigh impossible to make airtight once they start leaking.We wish we had another half dozen like this one, but we only have the one and have priced it accordingly at $1295.00. The price includes a zip up trolley bag.