Hohner Imperator V
This Hohner Imperator dates back to the late fifties or early sixties. It was in those days the second best model that Hohner produced, the top model being the Hohner Gola. The Gola and Imperator were the only five reed accordions that Hohner made. The Imperator was discontinued years ago but the Gola is still available at a recommended retail price of just under $60,000.00. Yes folks that’s sixty thousand, not six.
This fully professional accordion has five sets of hand made Swedish blue steel reeds and features 21 treble registers and 7 on the bass side. It has what seems to be an original factory fitted pick-up system and can be played through an amplifier or other such sound system. As with all our second hand instruments, it has been fully serviced by our workshop and comes with a twelve month guarantee.
We recently saw one of these for sale in Germany and the asking price was four thousand Euro.
Ours comes in a hard case and is $2950.00.